Dietary supplement users are more likely to receive necessary nutrients, make better health decisions

Thursday, February 06, 2014 by: PF Louis

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(NaturalNews) Often enough, especially recently, Natural News has been fending off 
mainstream medical attacks on supplements. The mainstream media supports 
whatever biased and bogus reports mainstream researchers release, probably 
because a lot of advertising money comes from Big Pharma and the rest of the 
Medical Mafia.

And also because of what Mike Adams said in a December 17, 2013, Natural News article: "Mainstream media reporters are, by and large, outrageously
ignorant about nutrition, isolated nutrients, whole foods, the games Big Pharma ]
plays, the corruption of the science journals and so on." [1]

The most recent supplement and multivitamin attacks got a lot of favorable press.
And they gave the ghoulish Dr. Paul Offit of "babies can tolerate 1,000
vaccinations at the same time" fame another platform for promoting his new book
that rails against vitamin and mineral supplements, herbs and Linus Pauling. [2]

Although not with same impact as the attacks on supplements that were featured inseveral major mainstream outlets, a counterattack has been launched and
recently published as a study in the peer-reviewed Nutrition Journal.

Naturally, the lamestream media hasn't run with the story and probably won't
even walk with it.

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