The art of food supplement

Sunday, January 29, 2017

PEOPLE in this generation are now very aggressive to accomplish assigned tasks. We sometimes forget to eat the exact meal requirement for us to stay healthy and avoid getting sick, we sometimes mostly rely on instant food. Correct meal nutrient is the most important thing to consider in attaining the exact diet and healthy living. But if we follow the correct food requirements needed to consume in our body, from different books or nutrient experts. We may ask ourselves, could I eat all this food in a day?

Here are some examples of foods we need to eat to stay healthy, as introduce by one popular food supplement nowadays:

Vitamin C – (1,300 mg equivalent to 18 oranges)
Zinc – 20 (mg equivalent to 10 whole chickens)
Iron – 20.5 (mg equivalent to 1 serving of chicken liver and beef)
Calcium – 1,300 mg (equivalent to 5 serving of yogurt)

If we all eat all the foods stated above I don’t think we can do that in a day. We might end up being bloated or just vomit. This time, aside from eating healthy and ensuring to prepare the right food, we also need a very reliable and tested food supplement that can help us provide more nutrients needed in our body to meet the daily requirement. Nowadays there are lot of popular brands of food supplement in our market that are being offered.

Here are some steps to know if you want to choose the high quality brand which will give you the exact and fit food supplement.
1. Research the internet if it’s legitimate.
2. Know if majority of the feedback of the products are positive.
3. The price is not that cheap, effective and good brands are sometimes costly but you can feel the effect.
4. The product must have lots of experience self-testimonies and feedbacks of its effect.
5. The agent of the products is not too aggressive on sales and explains the content in an understandable and simplified manner.

The good thing about food supplements in my own view is that it can offer nutrients you need, without consuming the food you don’t want to eat. Like my preferred vitamin, it offers better sleep quality, extra stamina, younger looking skin and regular bowel movement due to combined nutrients.

Sometimes we don’t really need the medicines to cure or ease the pain we feel. We just need the proper nutrients to nourish our body in order to cure the ailment and body problems we endure. Don’t forget that still nutritious food we eat is more important.

Food supplement is not substitute of food, it’s a support to provide us more nutrients in order to improve our immune system which result to environment pollution. One of my friend said, to stay healthy, it takes discipline in our food intake and choosing the right food supplement that fit our needs. It’s hard at first, but sooner it will become a habit. In my own opinion I still believe on the popular saying, “the greatest wealth is HEALTH”.