8 Simple Tips to Cure Insomnia Naturally

The term insomnia originated from the Latin word “Somnus” (the name of the Roman god of sleep) and “in-“ (the prefix that makes it the opposite). Insomnia is sometimes called sleeplessness (the lack or the inability to sleep) or wakefulness (the excessiveness of waking up). Insomnia is a disorder that can last for a few days, a few weeks, or even for more than a month (chronic insomnia). A person is suffering from insomnia if he or she is experiencing difficulty to initiate sleep, to maintain it, or to achieve a good-quality sleep.
Insomnia can be caused by an irregularity in the sleeping environment or in the timing of sleep of a person. Stress and severe depression are also some of the most common causes of insomnia. Moreover, insomnia is a disorder that can be a symptom of another disorder, such as hormonal and mental disorders.
Since insomnia is a disorder or an irregularity in our system, it can be a burden to our professional work, business activities, and other daily tasks. We need rejuvenating sleep to recover from the stresses and exhaustion we experience from our daily activities. We need to wake up on time to meet our schedules and plans. That is why we need to treat our sleeping disorder and keep our life running at the right pace. The following are 8 simple tips to cure insomnia naturally.

1. Sleep at the right time
To sleep at the right time is to prepare for sleeping at the right time. If you want to sleep at 10pm in the evening, then don’t turn off your computer or close your Facebook at 10pm or later. This will only make you late for getting asleep. And when you become late or when you exceed at your desired time for sleeping, you will have the tendency to be anxious, causing you to have a difficulty in initiating sleep. Hence, have at least a 15 minute allowance to relax your body and comfort yourself to be ready to sleep.

2. Wake up at the right time
The problem with insomnia is not only about sleeping, but it has also something to do with waking up. Most people who can hardly fall asleep early at night are people who can hardly wake up early in the morning. That is why if you want to feel sleepy and sleep at 9pm every night, then strive to wake up earlier than 9am every morning. Get up early even if you still feel so sleepy. If you can build a habit of waking up early, then you will also likely build a habit of sleeping early.

3. Eat and drink at the right time
Your schedule of eating plays an important role in regularizing your schedule for sleeping. If you don’t regularly take breakfast in the morning, your body will be used to survive the whole morning without feeding yourself. This also means that your body can survive sleeping the whole morning without waking up to eat something, causing this to make you a late riser or a riser at noon. And because you wake up late, you also tend to experience difficulty in sleeping early at night.
On the contrary, if you are used to eat breakfast early in the morning, your body will also regularly feel hungry in the morning causing this to wake you up. And when you always wake up early in the morning, you also tend to feel sleepy early at night.
As you will observe, regularity in eating, not only your breakfast, but also your lunch and dinner, will also regularize your time of sleeping. Breakfast is the first meal you will take for the day. That is why if you want to keep your lunch and dinner on time, you have to eat your healthy breakfast on time.
Moreover, if you drink excessive water or fluids before you sleep, then you might just be disturbed by your body’s urge to pee at the middle of the night. Thus, make sure to drink enough water or fluid throughout the day, and not pour it all at night.

4. Work and rest at the right time
Online workers who are used to stay awake at night to perform their work are mostly the ones who suffer from wakefulness when they are already trying to sleep at their bed. Most of these insomniac workers, including myself, suffer from this sleeping disorder because we force ourselves to battle and overcome sleepiness so that we can stay awake to finish our task. But this only leads to lowering our opportunities to get a good sleep. Sleepiness actually regularly visits us, but it is us who destroy this regularity by not responding to its calls.
Now, if you want to sleep at the right time, then you have to work and feel tired at the right time, whether it is a physical work or mental work.
Regular physical exercise or workout can also help us become tired so that we may feel sleepy early in the evening. Remember that the key to have a deep slumber at night is to make your body and mind weak and tired at night. Thus, you have to make your body and brain active during the day.

5. Change your environment
Home-based business owners or workers are usually suffering from insomnia for some reasons. These reasons include lack of discipline in utilizing their seemingly unlimited time and lack of social interaction with the real world outside. Some Internet people are even staying at their bedroom or in places near to their bedroom all day and night, causing them to be overexposed with their bed or bedroom.
If you are a person who stays at home all day long, then it’s time to go out and make the sun shines on you. Don’t stay long on your bed – go out and travel to have the reason to miss your bed. You can grab an out-of-town vacation if you have some money to spare.

6. Don’t be too upset about it
Insomnia is not good for our health. It’s not also favorable when we need a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate ourselves to be more productive or when we need to sleep on time to catch up our schedules in the following day. There are even times that we are too conscious on the number of hours left for us to initiate sleeping – and we count them by fingers. This anxiety only worsens our sleeplessness.
Therefore, although insomnia is a problem, we still have to remain calm and relaxed specially during our attempt to start a good night’s sleep. Remember that stress is one of the most common causes of insomnia. Hence, don’t be too upset about insomnia and don’t stop counting hours at night in your bed.

7. Welcome sleepiness; get rid of insomnia
Sleepiness is one of the several defense mechanisms of our body. Think of sweating, when our body is in heat – our body produces sweat to cool us. This is also the same with sleepiness. When our body and brain are exhausted, they react by making us feel sleepy so that we may rest, repair our damaged cells, and recover our energy. Now, if you keep on ignoring and defying their calls, you are also ignoring opportunities to regenerate and to regularize your body system. Hence, you should learn how to befriend and accommodate sleepiness so that it will also befriend and accommodate you in return.

8. Cure it with good habits
Insomnia is usually acquired through people’s bad habits, such as tardiness, laziness, overworking, excessive eating habit, and even loneliness. We know that habits are developed, not only overnight, but they are formed over a period of time. Thus, if we want to overcome those bad habits that cause our insomnia, we should develop good habits to beat them. These good habits include being on time, activeness during working hours, discipline in taking breaks (rest or sleep), discipline in eating, and being friendly and sociable with people in our community. These good habits should also collaborate with each other. For example, diligence should be aligned with being on time because you don’t need to become hardworking during your scheduled time for sleeping.

Final thoughts
These tips aim to help us cure our insomnia through safe, natural, and psychological ways. In other words, these ways doesn’t involve taking drugs or medicine that may cause some side effects. However, insomnia can be a symptom of other illness that may not be treated with the simple ways we’ve discussed above. That is why it is still important to consult your doctor or physician to properly diagnose your disorder and receive necessary medication.
Finally, remember that if there is anyone who knows your body best, it is none other than you. It is you whom your body communicates and sends messages with every day. It is you who feels your body. It is you who knows what can make your body and mind healthy and unhealthy. This is also the reason why doctors will always ask you a series of questions before they give you recommendations. Therefore, be honest with yourself and speak honestly with your physician. It is also helpful to discuss your situation with other people who are also suffering from insomnia.

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